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When camping outdoors you probably wish that comfort was a little bit better just to make it more enjoyable. Well, especially for sleeping, it would be nice if your outdoor sleeping arrangements were like your home where you can get a good night’s sleep and that’s where you need a sleeping cot when you camp or hike. It elevates you off the ground and gives you comfort and proper support. Choosing the right cot for camping depends on what you’re after. So would you prefer something comfortable or something more portable or would you like it heavier or lighter? Below we have reviewed the only queen camping cot available in the market.

Coleman Camping Cot

Coleman Camping Cot

  • Side Tables
  • Sewn-in Cover
  • Lean-proof
  • Superior Comfort
  • Strong Steel Frame

Whether you’re looking for a temporary indoor cot for a guest that doesn’t sit directly on the floor or something that you can use outdoors so that you don’t have to worry about puncturing on debris like rocks and sticks, the Coleman camping cot is the best option for you. This cot comes with side tables, an air mattress for elevated sleeping support, and a battery-operated pump (4 D-cell batteries sold separately). It has a coil construction that contours the body for better support and comfort. The mattress is leak-proof and it stays nice and firm all night.

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The setup is pretty simple and it does not require any tools for assembly aside from the included air pump. At first, it looks like a complicated process but in reality, it is not. All you have to do is to open up the cot, which opens like an accordion fashion and air up the mattress with the included pump. This air pump takes 4 D batteries and it does a great job of inflating. Once you reach the desired firmness, use the attached mattress cover and place the cot’s mattress inside of it. The inflation process takes about 5 minutes and the complete setup can be done within 20 minutes. Also, there are two included optional cup holders that you can use to store your small essentials like your smartphone, wallet, or car keys.

Storage and Transportation

This cot is easy to transport and store. When you are finished using it, just open the valve and let the air out. The included pump can also be used for deflation as it does deflate. Now lift the middle of the cot and it will fold and be ready for storage. It can be a little challenging to squeeze the cot under the included carrying case. However, the case has wheels and it is easy to transport once the cot is inside the case. Obviously, when you’re camping, you won’t always find smooth surfaces to use the wheels but it weighs only 42 pounds and can be easily transported by any average person.


The mattress is super comfy and the cover feels great against the skin. It’s mentioned that the mattress and the cot separate for double the sleeping space. In my opinion, it is not super comfortable to sleep on the cot. If you are camping with a large group of people and you have limited storage space and you need some extra sleeping space, go for it. However, the mattress is much more comfortable but it is possible to sleep on the cot by itself. It feels like you are sleeping on a hammock. Without the mattress, you may feel the support bars underneath the cot poking on your back. You can also use a sleeping bag to stop things up of it. Either way, the steel frame is durable enough and it supports weight up to 600 pounds and heights of up to 6 foot 2 inches.

Coleman queen-size mattress features a ComfortStrong coil construction for better support and comfort. It does a pretty good job of holding air throughout the night. The cot supports weights up to 600 pounds so you and your partner can sleep without any issues. It rarely needs to air up during a standard 8-hour sleep session. Mostly, you won’t have any issues thanks to its Airtight System that is guaranteed not to leak. During winter camping, the mattress sometimes loses firmness and you do have to add air. This does not occur due to leakage rather the air inside the mattress condenses. So if you are camping during winter seasons, keep the pump with you if this occurs.

Edge Support

The cot and the mattress provide excellent edge support even if the mattress loses some air. The steel frame is sturdy, which makes Coleman Cot a great option for those with mobility issues. The design is very ergonomic and getting in and out of the cot is super easy.


If you are planning to use your cot mostly outdoors and you do acquire a few stains on the top of the cover, you can clean the surface with a damp cloth and a cleaning solution. Make sure you use a method that does not require rinsing. Unfortunately, there is no way you can machine wash the cover because it is sewn onto the cot. You can prevent stains by using a mattress protector or sheet. A standard queen-size sheet is perfect to fit the mattress.


It is a breeze to inflate the mattress. You just air up it with the included pump and you are good to go. It takes around 5 minutes to fully inflate. You can also easily inflate it during the night and the good news is that the cover does not get in the way of the pump as long as the air core is placed toward the zipper.

Tent Use

If you are using it in a tent and are concerned about ripping a hole in your tent floor, make sure your tent is pitched on a flat surface. If your tent is pitched on an uneven surface and you apply pressure to the legs, this will cause a problem. You can also overcome this problem by using a tarp inside the tent for an added layer of protection.


Although the mattress is comfortable and it holds air well, it is super loud especially when you move or get in or out of it. The material and the frame make a popping noise. Also, the mattress cover makes noise when you move. If your sleep partner does move around quite a bit, this can be a problem for you. To overcome this problem, you just double up the space and let one person use the mattress and the other person the cot. It is worth noting that, the mattress makes less noise when used without the cover. However, it is less comfortable without the cover but anyway, it reduces the noise.

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Coleman Camping Airbed is the only queen-size cot available in the market. It provides excellent stability and air retention capability, which makes it a good option for couples. There are a lot of airbeds available but when it comes to outdoor use, they have limitations. Coleman Camping bed can be used at home as well as outdoors, thanks to its packable design. Although the mattress does make some noise, this can be largely solved by placing the air mattress on top of the sleeve or you can also buy a comfort cover. It offers side tables that help to keep a better track of your small items. It features ComfortStrong coil construction and Airtight System, which provide great comfort and edge support.