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Embarking on a hiking adventure is an exhilarating experience. But it can be a bit challenging if you have flat feet. The right pair of hiking shoes can make all the difference. They provide comfort and support to keep you going mile after mile. In this guide, we’ll explore the best hiking shoes specifically designed for flat feet. They ensure your outdoor escapades are not only enjoyable but also gentle on your feet. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to the perfect fit – let’s step into a world of hiking bliss!

1. Merrell Moab 3

Merrell Moab 3
Weight (pair): 2 lbs. 1 oz.
Waterproof: No (Available)
Upper: Pigskin leather/mesh
Outsole: Vibram TC5+

The Merrell Moab 3 is a commendable upgrade from their well-received Moab 2 predecessors. It offers an enhanced outdoor experience. Renowned for their comfort, durability, and versatility, the latest iteration incorporates several improvements. The use of partially recycled fabrics aligns with eco-conscious efforts, while the addition of more supportive insoles and cushioned midsoles contributes to an even softer and more comfortable feel. The grippier Vibram® outsoles ensure a secure foothold on various terrains. The shoes are constructed with pigskin leather and mesh uppers. They not only boast durability but also feature protective rubber toe caps and bellow tongues that effectively repel moisture and debris.

The Removable Kinetic Fit™ Advanced contoured insoles, with reinforced heel cushioning, provide medium support ideal for individuals with flat feet. The incorporation of the Super Rebound Compound in the heels delivers durable shock absorption. It promotes a smooth transition to the midfoot. The Merrell Air Cushion in the heels further enhances shock absorption and stability, while the molded nylon arch shanks add torsional rigidity for navigating rough terrains. With sustainability in mind, the use of 100% recycled materials in the mesh lining, laces, and webbing reflects a commitment to environmental responsibility. The Vibram TC5+ nonmarking outsoles strike a balance between grip, traction, durability, and flexibility. This makes these shoes a reliable choice for various outdoor activities.

What I like: Exceptional affordability for a hiking shoe that excels in both comfort and construction.

What I don’t: Not designed for challenging or technical terrain.

See the Merrell Moab 3 See the Women’s Moab 3

2. Columbia Facet 75 OutDry

Columbia Facet 75 OutDry
Weight (pair): 1 lb. 13.4 oz.
Waterproof: Yes (OutDry)
Upper: TPU/mesh
Outsole: Adapt Trax

The Columbia Facet 75 OutDry offers a winning combination of comfort and technology, which makes them a reliable choice for various on-trail adventures. Despite their minimalist appearance, these shoes are equipped with cutting-edge features that enhance performance in diverse conditions and terrains. The durable uppers boast OutDry waterproof technology. This ensures protection against the elements without compromising breathability. The Techlite Plush midsole, with its superior cushioning compared to traditional EVA, contributes to a comfortable and supportive hiking experience. The inclusion of a TPU heel clip enhances on-trail stability, while the Adapt Trax outsole, featuring hike-specific 5mm lugs, provides excellent traction.

The mesh upper, while not entirely waterproof, maintains breathability and efficiently dries lightweight materials when exposed to moisture. The Facet 75 OutDry strikes a balance between a hiking shoe and a trail runner. They offer an extra-wide base for added stability on uneven terrain. The proprietary Navic Fit System is integrated into the lace closure. It ensures a secure midfoot lock, contributing to an overall snug and tailored fit. With these shoes, Columbia has crafted a versatile and reliable option for hikers seeking a combination of modern technology, durability, and comfort on their outdoor excursions.

What I like: The Adapt Trax outsole with hike-specific 5mm lugs provides reliable traction.

What I don’t: The mesh upper is not entirely waterproof.

See the Columbia Facet 75 OutDry See the Women’s Facet 75 OutDry

3. Merrell Moab 2 Vent

Merrell Moab 2 Vent
Weight (pair): 1 lb. 15 oz.
Waterproof: No
Upper: Suede leather/mesh
Outsole: Vibram

The Merrell Moab 2 Vent truly lives up to their name as the “MOTHER OF ALL BOOTS.” The combination of pigskin leather and mesh in the upper not only enhances breathability but also ensures durability on challenging trails. The traditional lace closure, along with the bellows tongue that effectively keeps out debris, contributes to a secure and comfortable fit. The protective toe cap adds an extra layer of defense against rocks and roots, making these shoes well-suited for various terrains.

One standout feature is the Kinetic Fit ADVANCED removable contoured insole, providing medium support with reinforced heel cushioning. This, coupled with the AIR CUSHION technology in the heel, significantly improves overall comfort by reducing stress with each step. The high-performance Vibram rubber sole adds to the shoe’s appeal, offering unmatched durability, stability, and slip resistance. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a weekend adventurer, the Merrell Moab 2 Vent hiking shoes deliver out-of-the-box comfort and reliable traction, making them a versatile and trustworthy choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

What I like: A perfect balance of breathability and durability at a great price.

What I don’t: It’s not the best choice for extremely rugged or technical trails.

See the Merrell Moab 2 Vent See the Women’s Moab 2 Vent

4. KEEN Targhee 3 Low

KEEN Targhee 3 Low
Weight (pair): 1 lb. 14.8 oz.
Waterproof: Yes (KEEN.DRY)
Upper: Oiled nubuck leather
Outsole: Rubber

The KEEN Targhee 3 Low shoes stand out as a formidable choice for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a blend of rugged durability and reliable performance. These shoes maintain the renowned Targhee fit that has garnered a dedicated global following. Crafted with a lean design, they exude toughness and are well-prepared for challenging terrains. The inclusion of KEEN.DRY™ waterproof breathable membranes ensure that your feet remain dry, effectively balancing moisture management by allowing perspiration to dissipate. The addition of mud shields not only enhances protection but also contributes to the shoes’ overall durability, making them a reliable companion for various outdoor adventures.

What sets these hiking shoes apart is the thoughtful integration of features that prioritize both comfort and stability. The removable, dual-density EVA footbeds cushion each stride, providing support for long treks. The injected TPU heel-capture system promotes stability, instilling confidence with every step on uneven trails. Furthermore, the incorporation of Cleansport NXT™ treatment for natural odor control adds to the overall appeal, ensuring that the shoes stay fresh even during extended use. The KEEN all-terrain rubber outsoles, featuring 4mm multidirectional lugs, deliver an exceptional high-traction grip, making these Targhee 3 Low hiking shoes a reliable choice for those who demand performance and durability from their footwear in the great outdoors.

What I like: The Cleansport NXT™ treatment for natural odor control is a thoughtful addition.

What I don’t: The slick nylon laces tend to untie easily unless double-knotted.

See the KEEN Targhee 3 Low See the Women’s Targhee 3 Low

5. La Sportiva Spire GTX

La Sportiva Spire GTX
Weight (pair): 1 lb. 15 oz.
Waterproof: Yes (Gore-Tex)
Upper: PU/mesh
Outsole: Vibram XS Trek

The La Sportiva Spire GTX stands out as a reliable companion for both challenging day hikes and swift backpacking adventures. The incorporation of Gore-Tex Surround technology elevates its performance, providing a comprehensive waterproofing solution without sacrificing breathability. What sets the Spire GTX apart is its intelligent design to address the potential drawback of waterproofing—effective drainage. The inclusion of aeration channels in the footbed and midsole, coupled with drainage ports, ensures that even when the unexpected occurs, such as creek crossings or unexpected mishaps, the shoe remains dry from the inside out. This thoughtful construction adds a layer of versatility, making the Spire GTX well-suited for varying terrains and unpredictable weather conditions.

The functionality of the La Sportiva Spire GTX extends beyond its waterproof features. The Vibram XS Trek outsole offers exceptional traction on diverse surfaces, from wet rocks to slick mud and dry dirt, instilling confidence in every step. The shoe’s cushioned footbed and midsole provide enduring comfort during long hikes, while the breathable and durable upper regulates temperature on warmer days. The STB control system ensures a snug fit, contributing to a stable and secure ride. In summary, the La Sportiva Spire GTX Hiking Shoe impresses with its well-rounded capabilities, combining waterproofing, drainage efficiency, traction, and comfort to meet the demands of dynamic outdoor adventures.

What I like: Gore-Tex provides comprehensive waterproofing throughout the lining and upper.

What I don’t: Expensive.

See the La Sportiva Spire GTX See the Women’s Spire GTX

6. Salomon X Ultra Pioneer Aero

Salomon X Ultra Pioneer Aero
Weight (pair): 1 lb. 11.5 oz.
Waterproof: No
Upper: Textile/leather
Outsole: Rubber

The Salomon X Ultra Pioneer Aero is a reliable companion for outdoor enthusiasts seeking comfort and stability on challenging terrains. The Sensifit™ design ensures a snug and precise fit, minimizing foot slippage even on the most uneven surfaces. The Advanced Chassis™ technology positioned between the outsole and midsole enhances motion control, providing a stable and efficient ride. The inclusion of foam cushioning adds a plush feel underfoot, making long hikes more comfortable.

The shoe’s traction is commendable, thanks to the combination of two types of rubber and a well-patterned heel area. This feature proves invaluable when tackling rocks, roots, and muddy trails, offering superior grip and control. The traditional lacing system with eyelets allows for easy adjustments, ensuring a secure fit. Overall, the Salomon X Ultra Pioneer Aero hiking shoes are a solid choice for those who prioritize comfort, stability, and traction during their outdoor adventures, making them an excellent investment for hiking enthusiasts who want both performance and durability.

What I like: The Sensifit™ design cradles the feet, providing a close-to-foot fit that minimizes slippage.

What I don’t: Runs narrow.

See the Salomon X Ultra Pioneer Aero See the Women’s X Ultra Pioneer Aero

7. Columbia Crestwood

Columbia Crestwood
Weight (pair): 1 lb. 8.6 oz.
Waterproof: No (Available)
Upper: Mesh/leather
Outsole: Rubber

Columbia Crestwood shoes embody the essence of a nimble hiker. They offer a perfect blend of high functionality and performance. The combination upper, which integrates suede leather, mesh, and webbing, not only provides a durable exterior but also contributes to the shoe’s versatility for various hiking conditions. The attention to detail in craftsmanship is evident. It ensures these shoes are built to last and withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures for seasons to come. What sets the Columbia Crestwood apart is the commitment to all-day comfort.

The inclusion of the TechLite midsole enhances long-lasting comfort, superior cushioning, and high energy return, making these shoes ideal for extended hikes. The advanced traction, courtesy of the Omni-Grip non-marking outsole, instills confidence by providing sure-footed stability on diverse terrains. Whether you’re navigating rugged trails or strolling through the woods, these hiking shoes live up to the promise of delivering a dependable and comfortable experience. With the combination of quality materials, expert craftsmanship, and durable stitching, Columbia has created a reliable pair of hiking shoes that will undoubtedly enhance your outdoor adventures for countless seasons.

What I like: The combination of functionality and style makes these hiking shoes suitable for both trail adventures and casual wear.

What I don’t: Average built quality, not waterproof.

See the Columbia Crestwood See the Women’s Crestwood

8. Salomon OUTpulse

Salomon OUTpulse
Weight (pair): 1 lb. 8.8 oz.
Waterproof: Yes (Gore-Tex)
Upper: Synthetic/textile
Outsole: Contagrip Rubber

The Salomon OUTpulse impressively blends advanced technology and thoughtful design to enhance your outdoor adventures. Featuring Gore-Tex waterproof/breathable membranes, these shoes keep your feet dry and comfortable in wet weather conditions, ensuring you can confidently tackle any trail. Drawing inspiration from Salomon’s ski heritage, the reverse camber curved midsole geometry provides a unique and floaty feel with each step, adding an extra layer of comfort to your hiking experience. One standout feature is the Fuze Surge foam compound, offering premium energy return and cushioning, making long hikes more enjoyable and less fatiguing.

The Energy Blade TPU plate engineered into the forefoot enhances the overall walking experience, delivering a smooth and dynamic stride. The full rubber toe caps provide excellent protection against roots and rocks, ensuring durability and safeguarding your feet. While the lightweight synthetic upper may not match the durability of heavier leather counterparts, it strikes a balance between weight and functionality. The Contagrip rubber outsoles deliver reliable traction in unpredictable conditions, making the Salomon OUTpulse a solid choice for those seeking a versatile, high-performance hiking shoe.

What I like: The Fuze Surge foam compound incorporated into the shoes delivers premium energy return and cushioning.

What I don’t: The upper does not match the durability of heavier leather counterparts.

See the Salomon OUTpulse See the Women’s OUTpulse

9. Oboz Sawtooth X

Oboz Sawtooth X
Weight (pair): 1 lb. 15.6 oz.
Waterproof: No (Available)
Upper: Oiled nubuck leather
Outsole: True Tread rubber

The Oboz Sawtooth X Low successfully builds upon the reputation of the original Sawtooth series, marking its 10th anniversary with a host of improvements that enhance comfort, traction, and durability. The aggressive styling of these shoes is complemented by the use of high-quality materials, including oiled nubuck leather and CORDURA® fabric mesh uppers that strike a balance between protection and breathability. The incorporation of REPREVE® laces and webbing, made from recycled PET polyester, showcases a commitment to sustainability. The micro-injected polyurethane window underlay and O FIT Insoles™ contribute to an exceptional fit, feel, and overall performance.

One notable feature is the Adaptive Cushioning Technology midsoles with TPU heel counters. It ensures increased comfort during long hikes. The inclusion of nylon shanks provides underfoot protection, enhancing stability on diverse terrains. The True Tread rubber outsoles deliver improved traction, further solidifying the Sawtooth X as a reliable choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Despite these commendable qualities, it’s worth noting that the breathability of the Sawtooth X might lag behind lighter, mesh-heavy hikers. When compared to the Merrell Moab 3, the Sawtooth X comes at a slightly higher price point, making the Moab 3 a competitive alternative with better ventilation and a slightly lower cost.

What I like: The aggressive styling adds a touch of flair to the hiking experience.

What I don’t: Reduced breathability leads to warmer feet in hot weather conditions.

See the Oboz Sawtooth X See the Women’s Sawtooth X

10. Mountain Warehouse Belfour

Mountain Warehouse Belfour
Weight (pair): 1 lb. 15.6 oz.
Waterproof: Yes (IsoDry)
Upper: Suede/mesh
Outsole: Rubber

The Mountain Warehouse Belfour has proven to be an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts seeking reliable footwear for various activities. The incorporation of IsoDry technology, a waterproof and breathable material, sets these shoes apart by allowing moisture to escape while preventing rain from penetrating. This advanced membrane is especially advantageous in changeable or wet weather conditions, making the Belfour shoes a reliable companion for outdoor adventures. The combination of suede and mesh upper not only enhances durability but also improves ventilation, keeping feet cool and dry during active pursuits.

The EVA cushioning provides a comfortable and supportive fit, molding to the wearer’s foot for a personalized experience. The attention to detail in design, such as the water-resistant upper and waterproof membrane, showcases the commitment to creating footwear suitable for wet or changeable conditions. Whether tackling short hikes, walking the dog, or engaging in gardening activities, the Mountain Warehouse Belfour hiking shoes prove to be a flexible, lightweight, and waterproof option with the added benefit of mesh lining for enhanced breathability. Overall, these shoes offer a well-rounded solution for those seeking performance and comfort in various outdoor scenarios.

What I like: Suitable for various activities such as walking the dog, gardening, or short hikes.

What I don’t: Not recommended for extreme or technical terrain.

See the Mountain Warehouse Belfour See the Women’s Belfour

Flat Feet Hiking Shoes: Comparison Table

Merrell Moab 32 lbs. 1 oz.No (Available)Pigskin leather/meshVibram TC5+
Columbia Facet 75 OutDry1 lb. 13.4 oz.Yes (OutDry)TPU/meshAdapt Trax
Merrell Moab 2 Vent1 lb. 15 oz.NoSuede leather/meshVibram
KEEN Targhee 3 Low1 lb. 14.8 oz.Yes (KEEN.DRY)Oiled nubuck leatherRubber
La Sportiva Spire GTX1 lb. 15 oz.Yes (Gore-Tex)PU/meshVibram XS Trek
Salomon X Ultra Pioneer Aero1 lb. 11.5 oz.NoTextile/leatherRubber
Columbia Crestwood1 lb. 8.6 oz.No (Available)Mesh/leatherRubber
Salomon OUTpulse1 lb. 8.8 oz.Yes (Gore-Tex)Synthetic/textileContagrip Rubber
Oboz Sawtooth X1 lb. 15.6 oz.No (Available)Oiled nubuck leatherTrue Tread rubber
Mountain Warehouse Belfour1 lb. 15.6 oz.Yes (IsoDry)Suede/meshRubber

How to Choose Hiking Shoes for Flat Feet?

How to Choose Hiking Shoes for Flat Feet?

Hiking is a wonderful way to connect with nature, stay active, and challenge oneself. However, for individuals with flat feet, finding the right hiking shoes is crucial to ensure comfort, support, and a pain-free hiking experience. Flat feet, or fallen arches, can lead to overpronation and increased stress on the feet, ankles, and knees. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the key factors to consider when choosing hiking shoes, helping you make an informed decision for your next outdoor adventure.

Understanding Flat Feet

Before delving into the world of hiking shoes, it’s important to understand your feet and how they can impact your hiking experience. Flat feet occur when the arches of the feet collapse. It causes the entire sole to make contact with the ground. This condition can be genetic or acquired over time due to factors such as age, obesity, or injury. Such people often experience overpronation, where the feet roll inward excessively during walking or running, leading to instability and potential discomfort.

The Importance of Proper Support

One of the key considerations when choosing hiking shoes is adequate arch support. The arches of the feet act as natural shock absorbers, distributing the impact of each step. Flat feet lack this arch support, making it essential to find hiking shoes that compensate for this deficiency. Look for shoes with built-in arch support or consider using orthotic insoles to provide additional support and enhance the natural alignment of your feet.

Choosing the Right Shoe Type

Hiking shoes come in various styles, each designed for specific terrains and activities. So, it’s crucial to choose a shoe type that offers ample support and stability. Here are three main types of hiking shoes to consider:

  1. Hiking Shoes: Low-cut and lightweight, hiking shoes are ideal for day hikes on well-maintained trails. Look for options with a firm midsole and a supportive insole to provide the necessary arch support for your feet.
  2. Hiking Boots: If you plan to tackle more challenging terrain or carry a heavy backpack, hiking boots are a suitable choice. Opt for boots with a mid to high cut for increased ankle support, and ensure they come with a cushioned midsole and proper arch support.
  3. Trail Running Shoes: Some hikers prefer the agility and flexibility of trail running shoes. These shoes are designed for off-road running but can be suitable for hiking, especially on less demanding trails.

Key Features to Look For

Pay close attention to specific features that contribute to comfort and support. Consider the following factors:

  • Arch Support: Look for hiking shoes with built-in arch support or those that accommodate orthotic insoles. A well-supported arch helps reduce overpronation and minimizes discomfort.
  • Cushioning: Ample cushioning in the midsole provides shock absorption and reduces the impact on your feet. Look for shoes with quality cushioning materials like EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) or other responsive foams.
  • Stability: Hiking shoes with a stable platform and a firm heel counter help prevent overpronation and enhance stability on uneven terrain. A stable shoe minimizes the risk of ankle injuries and ensures a more comfortable hiking experience.
  • Breathability: Proper ventilation is crucial, especially during long hikes. Look for shoes made from breathable materials like mesh to keep your feet cool and dry, reducing the risk of blisters and discomfort.
  • Traction: A durable and grippy outsole is essential for maintaining traction on various surfaces. Consider shoes with a lug pattern that suits the type of terrain you’ll be hiking on, whether it’s rocky, muddy, or a combination of both.

Trying Before Buying

While online shopping offers convenience, trying on hiking shoes in person is essential. Visit a specialty outdoor store where knowledgeable staff can assist you in finding the right fit. Ensure there is enough room in the toe box for your toes to move comfortably, and pay attention to any pressure points or discomfort that may arise during the fitting.

Breaking In Your Hiking Shoes

Once you’ve found the perfect pair, it’s crucial to break them in before hitting the trail. Wearing new shoes on a short hike or during daily activities allows your feet to adjust to the shoe’s structure and ensures a more comfortable experience during longer hikes.


Choosing the right hiking shoes is a critical step in ensuring an enjoyable and pain-free outdoor adventure. By prioritizing arch support, cushioning, stability, breathability, and traction, you can find a pair of hiking shoes that cater to your specific needs. Remember to try on shoes in person, break them in before embarking on longer hikes, and invest in quality footwear to make the most of your time on the trail. With the right pair of hiking shoes, individuals with flat feet can confidently explore the great outdoors and embrace the beauty of nature.