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We have all been there in our boring lives when we have thought of this great outing where we would be with someone special along the way through a beautiful scenery where we can spend a few days out in the open close to nature and away from these noisy, polluted and populated cities ready to eat us alive and here we are thinking where did the kick in our lives go.

A good hike can be an answer to that.

A few days long trip where you are gone from home, gone from work, away from these smartphones just enjoying the calm and quiet nature not having to worry about anything in that time along with a very special for a unique and joyful experience. And what better way to make this trip memorable than to bring your partner with you? I don’t think this could get any better.

Having a partner at a hike can be so much fun. Both of you can have a great time together which will prove to be more relaxing, besides strengthening the bond between both you. So here are ten tips to make your memorable:

1. Make a Plan with your Partner

Hiking with your partner tips

Of course the first thing to go on a hike is to make a plan about it. When planning, make sure you let your partner in on it. Making a plan about your trip is a nice way to go about it since your partner will appreciate that and the bond between you two will only become stronger.

Besides, two heads are better than one. Your partner might know something that can benefit both of you. You might think you have a good idea, but your partner just might make it better. Or, s/he might have a better plan altogether. This will be a good start for hike, besides, your trip might already start becoming memorable.

So plan your trip with your partner and make sure they are comfortable with that plan. But if your partner loves surprises, you might as well make it a surprise.

2. Choose a Good Location

Hiking in a Good Location to make it Memorable

Although almost all hiking sites are beautiful, but some sites are more beautiful than the others, especially when you are with your partner. Choosing a good location is essential of course. It is the crucial step to your memorable hike.

Make sure that whatever you plan, you and your partner should be together and agree to the plan as well.

To make your hike memorable and more fun, It is better that you choose a long hike where you and your partner are out for a few days. There are a thousand places to choose from. Choose a beautiful location that will have a positive effect on your health and mood so that you and your partner can have a good time together.

Mooney Falls is a great example where you and your partner can have a great time. See our article on Best Hike in the US for more examples.

3. Choose your Gear

Choose your Gear While Preparing for a Hiking Trip

There are several things that you have to take on a hike to make it comfortable as you go along. So you should have the necessary gear to cope up. Invest in your gear in order for you and your partner to hike in comfort and enjoy the hike instead of crying over your torn shoes, torn backpack or things like these, instead go for durable gear.

Research well, you wouldn’t want to wear unbreathable boots in a hot, humid place or not to bring a warm jacket just to find that it gets cold as you move along the trail.

Do not be afraid to spend some money on good gear, it will come off as investment during the hike to make your experience more enjoyable by letting you focus on the scenery and not dragging a broken or unnecessary gear like dead weight.

4. Prepare Well

Prepare Well when going on a Hike with your Partner

This cannot be more stressed, please, please make a check list of all the items that you have to take on your trip and please stick to it. You wouldn’t want to travel all the way to your destination just to find out that you have forgotten something very important back at home.

This happens a lot when you are planning a hike with your partner. Each of you will put things off and forget your responsibilities hoping that your partner will fulfill them. This habit of relying on your partner out of sync will have its consequences on both of you. It can even affect your relationship in the long term let alone your hike next week.

Before you go, you and your partner must sit together and plan the activities together and reach an agreement, for example, the hiking distance, you might want to hike a certain distance but your partner doesn’t want that. So talk it out before leaving instead of complaining and fighting along the way.

5. Help your Partner Prepare

Help your prepare well when going to Hiking

Besides a good gesture, helping your partner with the preparations of your trip together is a great way to stay in sync. Plus, you might help your partner with things they don’t know about if it is their first time or they are relatively new to hiking.

You can make suggestions or talk to your partner about the things they will need according to their body type, personality and the location of the trip. This will of course strengthen your bond and it will also help both of you to stay in sync.

Your partner will appreciate this gesture and will try to make up for it during the trip making your trip more enjoyable and memorable.

6. Record your Journey

Record your Journey while you are on hiking with your partner

What better way to prepare for your journey than to bring back memories of your trip along with you and your partner?

Well there are good reasons that you should record your trip with your partner to make it really memorable. The photography gear will put on some weight to your already heavy backpack, but it is worth those extra grams. Now that there is gear that is extremely light, you don’t have to put up that much weight either. The quality of GoPro has increased significantly. Plus you can take single body cameras that give you comparable results to a DSLR without the bulk and weight unless you are a professional photographer.

You can keep a compact camera, add a multi-purpose lens, some pre-charged batteries, and you will be good throughout the way. You and your partner can divide the weight as well, among several advantages of a partner.

7. Explore the Place

Explore the Place while on a Hiking Trip

There is no point of a hike if you are not going to explore the place and just stick to the books.

Yes we all know that it is dangerous wandering off like that, but good things come to those who explore. You can be cautious, bring a compass, a map/GPS to guide you. But it is recommended that you and your partner should explore the place you are hiking. Learn about that place.

By not exploring, you don’t know what you might be missing. So take your partner into the unknown with you. That way, both of you will get more time to get along making you two come closer even more and might provide opportunities to make your trip memorable while both of you explore the beautiful outdoor location.

Don’t stick to the books. Go beyond the books and explore the unknown while keeping safety in check.

8. Keep your Eyes Open

Explore the Place with Binoculars while on Hiking

While you go exploring the place, keep your eyes open because you have no idea what you will find. There are all sort of amazing things happening in the wild. So you should keep your eyes peeled and tell your partner to do the same. You might find interesting wildlife. We recommend that you should always keep a good pair of binoculars. You may also come across scenes that you only get to see on the Animal Planet, National Geographic or Discovery channels.

This is a great way to make your hiking a memorable event in your life. The added advantage of keeping your eyes open is to stay alert of the potential dangers. You might come across a snake in the bush, some corner of the tree or trail just to turn your day into a disaster or a predator that might be looking to attack you.

Always keep your eyes open to make sure that you and your partner are safe and also to find some interesting things happening in the wild.

9. Go in with an Adventurous Mindset

Always go to hike with Adventurous Mindset

When you are going for a hike, go in with an adventurous mindset. Unexpected things happen along the way, and so you should be prepared for them. And you can only be prepared when you anticipate such uncertainty and you are ready to deal with them.

This kind of problem solving mindset allows you to deal with problems which adds to your experience and makes you a hero in your partner’s eyes. Always be ready to do the unexpected. Be a motivation for your partner. You might find opportunities to make your trip more memorable. For example, you can find a lake you can jump in with your partner only to make it more exciting.

Always be open to possibilities. Always find ways to make your hiking trips more memorable. So go in with an adventurous mindset. Don’t be a fool to think that nothing will go wrong and start complaining when it does instead of solving it. It will only have a negative impact on your trip and your relationship.

10. Return Home Safe

Safely Return to Home

All is well that ends well, in the end, it all comes down to this one thing, you and your partner returning home safely. Keep a look out for yourself and your partner from potential dangers in the wild. You and your partner caring for each other will only make both of you feel special and cared for making your trip a memory worth remembering for a lifetime.

Returning happy after a long journey together will help you two get closer and cultivate more feelings for each other. So keep a lookout for your partner and avoid dangerous situations to keep your experience joyful.

You would not want a bad experience to ruin the whole trip or worse put your partner’s or your life in danger. Take lots of water and snacks to keep yourself hydrated and going along the way and avoid dangerous animals to avoid fate like Steve Irwin.


So there you have it, a general guide to make your hike memorable for both, you, and your partner. You can still do a lot of things to make your trip more memorable. You may invite friends your partner is comfortable with to make your trip more exciting and joyful.

While you are out, don’t forget to make time for your partner. A lot of times, what happens is that people get so overwhelmed by the scenery that they forget to give time to their partners and this causes problems between them? So make time for them. Engage your partner in by telling them interesting facts about the place if you have visited the place before to keep them interesting and to provide a feeling of being attended.

You will get a lot opportunities during the trip where you can make your partner feel more important. Like watching the sunset and sunrise together. The sunsets and the sunrise are most beautiful when you are surrounded by nature. They are refreshing as well and these special moments will surely make your trip memorable. Also looking at the stars in the clear sky at night is also a beautiful sight that you can enjoy with your partner. Happy hiking!

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