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Camping is one of the most exciting outdoor activities, and most people enjoy it because it is fun. While camping may sound very interesting, one might come across strange situations too.

No matter where you go camping, there are chances that you might spot a deer or a raccoon.

But there is one such visitor who you do not want, and that is a bear. It is not uncommon to spot a bear, and if you are not prepared, then there might be accidents and can end up in something tragic.

The following tips can help you tackle a visit from an unwanted visitor and keep your campsite safe.

Choosing a Proper Campsite

It is perhaps one of the most important things to remember before planning a camp. Pick up a spot that will upwind from the food store or your cooking areas.

It is best to avoid a place that can be a potential source of natural food like berry patches. This will lower the chances of any bear coming in search of food.

While you are planning your camp, you can try and use the “Bear-Munda Triangle.” This talks about maintaining a distance of 100 yards and separating the cooking, sleeping, and food storage areas.

Cut Down on the Smell

The primary reason why a bear could be attracted to your campsite is the smell of food.

Bears have a great sense of smell, and so they can easily pick-up scents from a mile away. So, it would help if you took care of that smell.

Pack all your food inside an odorless bag and hang it high up in a tree. Any leftovers or other food can be packed inside such odorless bags.

You can also use airtight containers to store trash or other items. This will make your camp less attractive.

Store The Foods Properly

Bears are brilliant animals, and they can climb pretty well. So, you must hang your food on a tree that is at least 12 feet high. The idea is to make it very difficult for the bears to climb up and grab the food.

If there are no trees in your area, then you can store your food in the ground.

Find some hidden spots and keep the food under the ground. But do make sure that you store your food in odor-proof containers.

Bear canisters have become quite popular, and campers can use them to store any scented items.

Clean Up After Having A Meal

Once you are done eating, make sure that you clean up all utensils properly so that there is no leftover smell. Any leftover food must be either burnt or buried so that it does not trigger any bear.

Another safe practice is to use a particular set of clothes for eating and cooking. Once you are done eating, change into another set of clothes and store the other ones away.

When you are done camping, clean everything and be very responsible about it. Do not leave any plastic bottles or other food items behind.

There are many sites where there are bear-proof trash bins where you can dispose of all your trash.

Bear Sprays or Other Deterrents

If you are on a campsite where there may be chances of bears attacking you, do not miss out on bear sprays or deterrents.

Bear sprays are perfect as they can help you. Most of the bear sprays can be easily attached to your belt so that you can use them on the go.

Bear sprays create a fog, which helps you create a safe distance between you and the bear.

The sprays are environmentally safe pepper sprays that will not cause any permanent damage to the bear. But make sure it’s a bear spray because otherwise, other sprays will have little or no effect on the bears.

There is something called the bear bell that can be attached to backpacks. This will make constant noise as you walk and alert the animals to keep a distance from you.

Another item you can use is the bear horn. It is something similar to air horns and it works great on bears. The loud sound scars away from the bears.

A bear fence is another deterrent that can be used to keep bears away from your campsite. These fences are lightweight and are charged with electricity.

They can give any unwanted bear a 6000-volt shock on contact, which will be enough to protect you from bears.

You can also carry a flashlight as it can scare off bears and hence give you time to defend yourself if any bear decides to pay a visit.

Always Be Cautious

While there are tips and tricks to keep you safe from bears, you should still be extremely cautious and stay alert.

If you are visiting a bear country, then you must be well aware of the region and take safety measures accordingly.

It’s best not to travel solo because that would be the perfect opportunity for bears to attack.

Travel in groups and make noises like singing, clapping, or even talking loudly. All this makes animals like bears stay away from people.


The above solutions work well to keep bears away and ensure that you stay protected. Camping is a great activity, and you should not let any bear spoil the fun for you.

So, stay alert, carry the necessary deterrents, and plan your stay accordingly.

Remember, the best way to keep bears away from your campsite is by taking precautionary measures and having a presence of mind because that can save you from any mishaps.