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Looking for a versatile tent for year-round adventures? The NEMO Kunai might be your answer. This 3-4 season tent tackles everything from hot days to frigid nights. It’s built tough with a wind-shedding design and high-quality materials. The Kunai keeps you comfortable with features like breathable fabric and plenty of ventilation. It’s also surprisingly lightweight for a mountaineering tent. Let’s see how the Kunai performs in different conditions and who it’s best suited for.


NEMO Kunai
Capacity: 2 person/3 person
Weight: 3 lbs. 14 oz.
Packed size: 19.5 x 6.5 in dia (50 x 16 cm dia)
Peak height: 44 in (111.76 cm)
Floor area: 26.0 sq ft (2.4 sq m)

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Design and Construction

Here’s the breakdown of the design and construction of the tent:


The NEMO Kunai’s backbone is a strong and lightweight frame. It uses DAC Featherlite NSL poles, known for their excellent strength-to-weight ratio. These poles are pre-bent for added stability and color-coded for intuitive setup. The tent’s frame features an aggressively tapered profile. This design helps the tent shed wind, rain, and snow efficiently, keeping you protected in harsh weather conditions.

Inner Tent

The inner tent of the Kunai is designed for breathability and comfort. It uses a wind-blocking fabric that allows moisture vapor to escape, reducing condensation buildup. To bolster protection in extreme weather, the inner tent is reinforced with Dimension-Polyant 375D X-Ply sailcloth. This high-tech material provides additional strength and protection from the elements.


The NEMO Kunai’s fly is built to withstand the worst that Mother Nature throws at it. Made from a premium 15D nylon ripstop, the fly is lightweight yet durable. A silicone treatment on the fly fabric enhances its water resistance, keeping you dry in heavy rain or snow. The fly features a bathtub floor construction, which extends up the sides of the tent to create a waterproof barrier. This keeps the interior protected from splashing water and ground moisture.


Proper ventilation is crucial for preventing condensation buildup inside the tent. The Kunai boasts a comprehensive ventilation system to keep you comfortable during your adventures. It features a large overhead vent, zippered mesh windows, and a strutted vent on the zipper flap. These vents allow for plenty of air circulation, reducing condensation and preventing muggy conditions inside the tent.


The NEMO Kunai offers several storage solutions to keep your gear organized and accessible. The tent features a large vestibule with a tapered profile that provides additional sheltered space. This vestibule is perfect for storing backpacks, boots, or other gear you don’t want to bring inside the tent. Additionally, the inner tent has gear pockets at each corner, offering convenient storage for headlamps, snacks, or other small essentials. For even more overhead storage, the Kunai includes Light Pockets that utilize special light-diffusing fabric to create an ambient glow when a headlamp is hung inside.

What I like about this tent

  • Excellent value: Affordable compared to similar 4-season tents.
  • Easy to set up: Freestanding design with color-coded poles.
  • Lightweight: Great for backpacking and mountaineering trips.
  • Solid weather protection: Wind-shedding design, strong materials.
  • Breathable inner tent: Reduces condensation buildup.
  • Plenty of ventilation: Large vent, mesh windows, strutted vent.
  • Storage solutions: Large vestibule, gear pockets, Light Pockets.

What I don’t like about this tent

  • Only one door & vestibule: Less convenient for entry/exit and gear storage.
  • 2P is a bit tight for two: Short length and single door limit space.
  • Not as strong as some mountaineering tents: Wind performance in high winds.
  • Needs full guying out: For heavy snow loads.


The NEMO Kunai is a great tent for backpackers and mountain climbers who prioritize versatility and value. It’s ideal for those tackling adventures year-round, from hot summers to cold winters.

Who should get it?

  • Solo backpackers who need a tent for all conditions.
  • Couples who prioritize weight and are comfortable with a smaller space.
  • Adventurers expecting moderate winter conditions.

Consider the 3-Person for:

  • More space and livability, especially for two people.

Final verdict

The Kunai excels for solo adventurers or couples who prioritize weight and are comfortable with a smaller space. If you value space and livability more, consider the 3P version. For the price and features, the Kunai is a strong contender for those tackling year-round adventures in moderate conditions.