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Looking for a comfy sleeping bag for camping? The Nemo Riff Endless Promise Sleeping Bag might be a good choice, especially for side sleepers. This bag is wider than mummy bags at the elbows and knees so that you can move around easily. It also has a special hood and collar to keep you warm and draft-free all night. We will explore all the features of this bag, compare it to similar options, and see how it performs in real-life use. By the end of this review, you’ll know if the Nemo Riff 15 is the perfect sleeping bag for your next adventure.


Nemo Riff 15-Degree Sleeping Bag
Weight: 2 lbs. 7 oz. (Regular)
Temperature rating: 15 degrees Fahrenheit
Fill power: 800-fill-power hydrophobic, PFCAS-free down
Down type: Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certified duck down
Key features: Spoon shape, Blanket Fold draft collar, 3D footbox, Thermo Gills vents
Materials: 100% recyclable

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Comfort and Design

Unlike mummy bags that are tight around your body, the Nemo Riff is designed for side sleepers. It’s wider at the elbows and knees so you can easily turn from side to side without feeling constricted. This spoon shape gives you more wiggle room for a comfortable night’s rest.

Another key comfort feature is the Blanket Fold draft collar. This collar folds over your neck like a blanket at home, keeping out cold drafts. You can adjust the collar size to find the perfect fit and stay warm all night.

The Nemo Riff 15 also has a 3D footbox. This specially designed footbox follows the natural shape of your feet, giving you extra space to wiggle your toes. No more feeling cramped in your sleeping bag!

Warmth and Performance

The Riff 15 is built to keep you warm in chilly weather. It’s filled with 800-fill-power down, which traps heat really well. This down is also treated to be water-resistant. So even if you touch the inside of the bag with wet clothes, the down won’t clump up and lose its insulating power.

To help you regulate temperature during the night, the Nemo Riff 15 has special vents called Thermo Gills. These vents are like zippers on your chest that you can open or close to let in some cool air. This is helpful if you get too warm while you sleep.

This bag also uses a clever baffle design to keep the down in place. Baffles are the stitched sections inside the sleeping bag that hold the down. The Nemo Riff 15 uses narrow baffles that prevent the down from moving around. This means no cold spots and better overall warmth for you.


The Riff isn’t just comfortable for side sleepers because of its wider elbows and knees. It also offers more space in general compared to traditional mummy bags. This means you have room to stretch out and wiggle your toes thanks to the 3D footbox. If you get cold easily, you can even stash some extra clothes inside the bag for added warmth without feeling squeezed. This extra roominess does come at a slight weight penalty, but for many campers, the comfort trade-off is absolutely worth it.


The Nemo Riff aims to be your all-around camping companion. The 800-fill power down keeps you toasty in cold weather, but the Thermo Gills vent system lets you cool down if needed. This makes the bag usable in a wider range of temperatures. The water-resistant down repels moisture, so you can use it even on slightly damp nights. Plus, the bag is built with 100% recyclable materials, making it a good choice for eco-conscious campers. While the spoon shape is ideal for side sleepers, it offers enough wiggle room for back sleepers too.


The Nemo Riff isn’t the cheapest option on the market. You’re paying for high-quality materials like 800-fill-power down and innovative features like the Blanket Fold collar and Thermo Gills. If you prioritize comfort and versatility, and plan to use the bag for many camping trips, the Nemo Riff 15 could be a worthwhile investment. However, if you’re a casual camper or strictly a back sleeper, a less expensive mummy bag might be sufficient.

What I like about this bag

  • Comfort for side sleepers: Wider elbows and knees compared to mummy bags for easier movement.
  • Draft-free warmth: Blanket Fold collar seals in warmth and minimizes drafts.
  • 3D footbox for wiggle room: Gives your toes extra space for a more natural sleeping position.
  • Warmth and performance: 800-fill-power water-resistant down for excellent insulation.
  • Temperature regulation: Thermo Gills vent system allows for venting excess heat.
  • Efficient down placement: Narrow baffles prevent down migration and cold spots.
  • Spacious design: More room to move around than traditional mummy bags.
  • Versatility: Usable in a wider range of temperatures with the venting system.
  • Water-resistant down: Repels moisture for better performance in damp conditions.
  • Eco-friendly: Made with 100% recyclable materials.

What I don’t like about this bag

  • Price: More expensive than some mummy bags.
  • Weight: Slightly heavier due to the extra room and features.
  • Hood design: Some users find the hood bulky and not very form-fitting.
  • Duck down: Uses duck down instead of goose down (personal preference for some).
  • Vent zipper functionality: Unclear effectiveness in very cold weather.


The Nemo Riff 15 prioritizes comfort and versatility for campers, especially side sleepers. While it comes at a premium price and with a slightly higher weight, the innovative features and high-quality materials may be worth it for those seeking a comfortable and reliable all-season sleeping bag.