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Looking for a sleeping bag that’s light on your back and big on comfort? The Kelty Rambler 50 might be your perfect match. This bag is designed for backpackers and campers who want to catch some serious sleep without sacrificing space in their pack. It’s roomy enough to relax in but also packs down small. Plus, it has some cool features like a special zipper for ventilation and the ability to unzip completely and become a blanket on those scorching summer nights.


Kelty Rambler 50-Degree Sleeping Bag
Temp Rating: 50°F / 10°C
Size: Fits up to 6 ft / 183 cm tall sleepers
Weight: Total weight: 2 lb 2 oz / 0.95 kg
Packed size: 7 x 11 in / 18 x 28 cm
Insulation: CloudLoft™ synthetic insulation

See the Kelty Rambler 50

Semi-rectangular fit

The Kelty Rambler 50 strikes a balance between comfort and pack size with its semi-rectangular design. This means you get the roomy feel of a rectangular bag that allows you to stretch out and relax, but without the extra bulk. This shape is ideal for campers who prioritize comfort but still need to manage their backpack weight.

Cozy CloudLoft™ insulation

The Kelty Rambler 50 uses CloudLoft™ synthetic insulation to keep you warm on those cool summer nights. This special material provides reliable warmth while still packing down efficiently. Unlike down, CloudLoft™ retains its insulating properties even when wet, making it a good choice for unpredictable weather conditions.

Comfort-Tuck zipper system

The Kelty Rambler 50 features a unique Comfort-Tuck zipper system. This design eliminates snags and frustrations when getting in and out of the bag. It also allows for controlled ventilation on warmer nights. The zipper opens all the way down, allowing you to adjust the bag’s temperature for maximum comfort.

Unzips to a Blanket

Don’t let a scorching summer night ruin your camping trip! The Kelty Rambler 50 cleverly unzips completely to transform into a comfortable blanket. This versatility allows you to adjust to varying temperatures and provides extra freedom of movement on those sticky nights.


Forget feeling cramped! The Kelty Rambler 50 throws out the mummy bag mold with its spacious semi-rectangular design. This roomy fit lets you sleep comfortably in natural positions without feeling constricted. Imagine tossing and turning freely, or curling up with a good book without the bag squeezing you in. This extra space makes a big difference for a relaxing night’s sleep under the stars.


The Kelty Rambler 50 isn’t a one-trick pony. This sleeping bag adapts to your needs. Feeling chilly? Snuggle in for warmth. Is the night sweltering? Unzip the bag completely and use it as a blanket to cool down. The Comfort-Tuck zipper lets you control ventilation, and the roomy design gives you freedom of movement. This bag offers comfort no matter the weather.


The Kelty Rambler 50 strikes a great balance between affordability and features. This budget-friendly bag is packed with comfort innovations like the roomy semi-rectangular design and the clever Comfort-Tuck zipper. It’s lightweight for easy carrying but still offers warmth with its CloudLoft™ insulation. While some users mention the included compression sack isn’t top-notch, the overall value of the Kelty Rambler 50 makes it a solid choice for casual campers and backpackers looking for a comfortable and versatile sleeping bag.

What I like about this bag

  • Spacious and comfortable: The semi-rectangular design provides ample room to stretch out and relax, unlike constricting mummy bags.
  • Lightweight and packable: CloudLoft™ insulation keeps you warm without adding excessive weight or bulk to your backpack.
  • Versatile: Unzips completely to transform into a blanket for hot nights, offering adaptability to varying temperatures.
  • Comfort-Tuck zipper system: This unique design eliminates snags and allows for ventilation control.
  • Budget-friendly: Offers good value for the price with its combination of features and comfort.

What I don’t like about this bag

  • Temperature rating: May not be suitable for very cold nights (better for late spring, summer, and early fall).
  • Compression sack quality: Some users report the included compression sack is flimsy and rips easily.


If you’re a camper or backpacker looking for a comfy and feature-packed sleeping bag for warm weather adventures, the Kelty Rambler 50 is a strong contender. It’s spacious, lightweight, and versatile, transforming into a blanket on scorching nights. The price is right too! While it might not handle freezing temperatures, for spring, summer, and fall camping, the Kelty Rambler 50 offers a winning combo of comfort, value, and versatility. Just remember, you might want to upgrade the compression sack.