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Looking for a tent that transforms with your adventures? The Nemo Switch 2-Person Tent offers three amazing setups in one. Pitch it as a tent for cozy nights, a screenhouse for relaxing bug-free, or a sunshade for beach lounging. This versatile shelter boasts comfortable headroom, easy setup, and thoughtful features. But is it the perfect pick for you? We’ll explore the Switch’s strengths, weaknesses, and what real campers have to say to help you decide.

NEMO Switch
Capacity: 2 person
Seasons: 3-season
Minimum weight: 6 lbs, 14 oz / 3.13 kg
Packed weight: 8 lbs, 5 oz / 3.77 kg
Packed size: 25.5 x 8.0 x 8.0 in / 65 x 20 x 20 cm
Peak height: 57 in / 145 cm
Freestanding: Yes

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The Good: Versatility and Comfort

The Nemo Switch isn’t your average one-trick tent. It’s a camping chameleon, adapting to your needs. Pitch the inner tent and fly for a comfortable two-person shelter with near-vertical walls and plenty of headroom. Feeling social? Detach the inner tent and use the fly as a screenhouse. Relax with friends, enjoy the view, and keep pesky bugs at bay.

Sunshine got you down? No problem! Ditch the inner tent completely and transform the Switch into a sunshade. The fly offers UPF 50+ protection, perfect for beach days or escaping the midday sun at the campground. Plus, the front door panel can be pitched with additional poles (not included) for even more shade.

This isn’t just a versatile tent; it’s a comfortable one too. With its near-vertical walls, you can easily stand upright, change clothes, or even cook inside on a rainy day. The spacious interior allows for two campers and their gear without feeling cramped. Plus, the two large vestibules provide ample storage for backpacks, shoes, or muddy boots.

Nemo builds the Switch with quality materials that are built to last. The durable, flame-retardant, chemical-free fabrics can withstand years of adventures. The DAC Pressfit aluminum poles are strong yet lightweight, simplifying setup. Thoughtful touches like Gatekeeper door tiebacks and Nightlight Pockets add to the convenience and user-friendliness of the Switch.

Potential Downsides

The Nemo Switch isn’t without its drawbacks. While it boasts versatility, it sacrifices weight and packed size for its features. Compared to ultralight tents, the Switch is heavier at 6 pounds, 14 ounces. Packed down, it’s bulkier too. This makes it less ideal for backpacking trips where every ounce counts and space in your pack is precious.

Another consideration is wind setup. While the Switch handles fair weather well, some users report difficulty pitching it in strong winds. Its tall design can be a challenge in windy conditions. If backpacking in windy areas is on your agenda, the Switch might not be the most suitable choice.

The included stakes leave much to be desired. They’re basic, heavy steel rods that lack sharpness. Swapping them for lighter, stronger aluminum stakes is recommended for better performance and durability. Upgrading adds extra cost and weight, something to keep in mind.

The rain fly design might be a concern for heavy rain. Some users report pooling water on the roof, which could lead to leaks. If heavy rain camping is a frequent activity, another tent with a steeper rain fly might be a better option.

Finally, some essential items are not included with the tent. The footprint and Victory Blanket, which enhances the sunshade functionality, are sold separately. This adds to the overall cost of ownership. Consider these extras when budgeting for the Switch.

User Reviews: Love the Space, Less Excited About Weight

Campers rave about the Switch’s comfort and space. One reviewer describes it as a “palace for one or a home for two.” The easy entry and exit thanks to the vertical walls are a major plus. Many users appreciate the versatility, using it as a tent, screenhouse, and even just a beach shade. Some even recommend adding the Victory Blanket for a luxurious touch.

However, the weight and packed size are common complaints. Backpackers find it bulky compared to ultralight options. Setting it up in wind can be tricky due to its tall design. Some users also dislike the quality of the included stakes, recommending an upgrade. Overall, the Switch seems to impress car campers and casual adventurers with its comfort and features, but backpackers might find it a bit too bulky.

Overall Recommendation

The Nemo Switch 2P Tent is a fantastic choice for car campers who prioritize comfort, space, and versatility. With its three configurations, you can adapt the Switch to any camping situation. The near-vertical walls, spacious interior, and thoughtful features make it a pleasure to spend time in.

However, the weight and packed size hold it back for backpackers and those seeking a more lightweight option. The Switch also struggles in strong winds and might not be ideal for heavy rain due to the rain fly design. Consider these limitations and how they align with your camping style.

What I like about this tent

  • Versatility: Pitches as a tent, screenhouse, or sunshade.
  • Comfort: Spacious interior with high walls for easy movement.
  • Durable: Flame-retardant, chemical-free fabrics built to last.
  • Easy setup: Intuitive design with DAC Pressfit aluminum poles.
  • Thoughtful features: Nightlight Pockets, Gatekeeper door tiebacks, large vestibules.

What I don’t like about this tent

  • Weight and size: Heavier and bulkier than ultralight tents.
  • Wind setup: Can be challenging to pitch in strong winds.
  • Stakes: Included stakes are low quality, upgrade recommended.
  • Rainfly design: Might pool water in heavy rain (user experience varies).
  • Extras sold separately: Footprint and Victory Blanket not included.

Final Verdict

The Nemo Switch 2-Person Tent is a winner for car campers who crave comfort, space, and adaptability. It transforms from a cozy tent to a bug-free haven or a relaxing sunshade, making it perfect for diverse adventures.

However, backpackers beware! The Switch’s weight and packed size make it less ideal for hauling on your back. Additionally, strong winds and potentially heavy rain can pose setup challenges.

If car camping adventures are your style, the Nemo Switch offers a luxurious experience. But if you prioritize lightweight backpacking and battling harsh elements, you might want to explore other options.