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Ever felt your sleeping bag is a bit too warm or too cold? A sleeping bag liner might be the perfect solution! The NEMO Tracer Sleeping Bag Liner is a comfortable, lightweight option that adds warmth and extends the temperature range of your existing sleeping bag. Made with recycled materials and treated for odor control, the Tracer is also a sustainable choice for eco-conscious campers. Let’s see if this liner lives up to the hype!


NEMO Tracer
Capacity: 1 person
Minimum Weight: 8.3 oz / 234 g
Packed Size: 6.5 x 3.0 x 3.0 in / 16.5 x 8 x 8 cm
Material: THERMOLITE® EcoMade fabric with hollow core fibers
Features: Contoured Spoon™ patterning, 3D footbox, stuff sack with drawstring
Sustainability: Made with 100% recycled yarns, Polygiene® odor control reduces washing
Warranty: NEMO Lifetime Warranty

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Here’s the breakdown of the features that this liner offers:

Comfort and Warmth

The NEMO Tracer prioritizes both comfort and warmth. Made with incredibly soft, recycled materials, it drapes comfortably over your body. Its unique Spoon™ shape mimics the natural curve of your body for a snug, pressure-free fit. The secret to its added warmth lies in the THERMOLITE® EcoMade fabric. This material uses hollow core fibers to trap heat efficiently, boosting the temperature range of your sleeping bag without adding extra weight.


For eco-conscious campers, the Tracer is a great choice. NEMO uses 100% recycled yarns in its construction, reducing environmental impact. But sustainability goes beyond materials. The Polygiene® odor control treatment allows you to extend the time between washes. This means less water, energy, and detergent used, along with a reduction in microplastic shedding that can pollute waterways.


The Tracer is designed for easy use and convenience. The contoured Spoon™ shape and 3D footbox ensure a good fit and eliminate bunching at your feet. When not in use, it packs down neatly into a compact stuff sack with a drawstring and handle for easy carrying. The liner is also hardware-free, eliminating any uncomfortable buckles or snaps that could dig into you during sleep.


Built to last, the Tracer comes backed by NEMO’s lifetime warranty. This ensures peace of mind knowing your investment is protected. While the liner itself is lightweight, the warranty signifies NEMO’s confidence in the quality and durability of their product.

User Reviews

Users rave about the comfort boost the Tracer provides. One reviewer, a restless sleeper who initially worried about the liner feeling constricting, was pleasantly surprised by its ease of movement. Another user highlights how the liner adds a cozy feel to their Nemo Disco sleeping bag. Both reviewers commend the liner’s ability to be used on its own or inside a sleeping bag for added versatility.

The eco-friendly aspects of the Tracer resonate with many users. One reviewer specifically appreciates the use of recycled materials, aligning with their own commitment to sustainability. Another user emphasizes the benefit of reduced washing due to the Polygiene® treatment. This not only saves water and energy but also helps minimize microplastic pollution.

The convenience features of the Tracer are well-received by users. The contoured Spoon™ shape and 3D footbox are praised for their comfortable fit. The included stuff sack with a drawstring and handle makes for effortless storage and carrying. The hardware-free design is another plus, eliminating any potential discomfort from buckles or snaps.

Missing Feature

While most reviews are positive, one user mentions the lack of a side zipper as a potential drawback. This could be a minor inconvenience for some, especially if they intend to use the liner on its own. However, the lack of a zipper also contributes to the liner’s lightweight design. Overall, users seem impressed with the NEMO Tracer, praising its comfort, warmth, and eco-friendly features.

What I like about this liner

  • Comfort and Warmth:
    • Soft, recycled materials.
    • Spoon™ shape for better fit.
    • THERMOLITE® EcoMade fabric for warmth.
  • Sustainability:
    • Made with 100% recycled yarns.
    • Polygiene® odor control reduces washing.
    • Less water, energy, and detergent use.
    • Reduces microplastic shedding.
  • Convenience:
    • Contoured shape and 3D footbox.
    • Packs down small in stuff sack.
    • Hardware-free design for comfort.

What I don’t like about this liner

  • Potential Drawbacks:
    • Might be pricey (depending on actual price).
    • Lacks a side zipper (could be seen as a weight saver).

Final Verdict

The NEMO Tracer Sleeping Bag Liner is a compelling option for campers and backpackers seeking to boost the comfort and warmth of their existing sleep setup. Made with incredibly soft, recycled materials, it drapes comfortably over your body in a Spoon™ shape for a pressure-free fit. The THERMOLITE® EcoMade fabric adds valuable warmth without extra weight, extending the temperature range of your sleeping bag.

Beyond comfort, the Tracer prioritizes sustainability. Constructed from 100% recycled yarns and featuring Polygiene® odor control for reduced washing, it minimizes environmental impact. Plus, the liner is built to last, backed by NEMO’s lifetime warranty.

While some users might miss a side zipper and the price could be a consideration, the Tracer’s numerous strengths make it a great choice for eco-conscious adventurers seeking a comfortable and versatile way to extend their sleep system’s capabilities.