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Looking for a comfortable sleeping bag for your next camping trip? The Nemo Tempo Synthetic Sleeping Bag might be your perfect match. This bag combines roomy comfort with a space-saving design, making it ideal for side sleepers and backpackers who value both coziness and packability. Insulated with synthetic fibers, the Tempo offers warmth, moisture resistance, and affordability. Let’s explore the features of this versatile sleeping bag and see if it fits your camping needs.


NEMO Tempo
Fill Type: Synthetic Stratofiber™
Temperature Rating: Comfort 31°F / -1°C, Limit 19°F / -7°C
Weight: Regular – 3 lb 10 oz / 1.65 kg, Long – 3 lb 14 oz / 1.75 kg
Packed Size: 14.0 x 9.0 in dia / 36 x 23 cm dia
Fits Up To: 6′ / 183 cm (Long)
Shell Fabric: 50D 100% Recycled Polyester Ripstop w/ C0 DWR
Warranty: Lifetime

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Design and Comfort

Unlike traditional mummy bags that restrict movement, the Nemo Tempo embraces a unique Relaxed Spoon™ shape. This design prioritizes side sleeper comfort by providing ample wiggle room in the elbows and knees. No more feeling constricted during the night! You can easily shift positions and find a comfortable posture for restful sleep.

The Tempo doesn’t just offer more space, it also incorporates thoughtful features to enhance comfort. A clever integrated pillow pocket allows you to stuff in clothes or a travel pillow, creating a built-in headrest. No more struggling to find a comfortable way to support your head at night.

Another cozy feature is the Blanket Fold™ draft collar. This ingenious design acts like a tucked-in blanket, sealing warmth around your neck and shoulders. It helps prevent drafts and keeps you snug all through the night, especially during cooler camping trips.

Finally, the Tempo boasts a high-quality zipper with snag-free plow hardware. This ensures smooth operation and eliminates frustrating zipper jams when you’re trying to get cozy inside the bag.

Warmth and Performance

The Nemo Tempo utilizes synthetic Stratofiber™ fill for insulation. This material offers a winning combination of warmth, moisture resistance, and affordability. Synthetic fill performs well even when damp, making it a reliable choice for campers who encounter unpredictable weather conditions. The Tempo’s performance is further enhanced by its temperature rating.

The sleeping bag comes with a comfort rating and a limit rating. The comfort rating indicates the temperature at which an average sleeper will feel comfortably warm. The limit rating is the temperature at which a cold sleeper will likely reach their physiological limit. Knowing these ratings helps you choose the right size for the temperatures you expect on your camping trip.

To understand real-world performance, let’s look at what users experienced. Several reviewers used the Tempo comfortably in temperatures ranging from the high 20s to the low 30s Fahrenheit. They reported staying warm and toasty throughout the night. One reviewer even found the bag to be effective down to -5°C! However, some users mentioned using the bag in warmer weather is yet to be tested.

Weight and Packability

Backpackers will appreciate the Nemo Tempo’s balance between comfort and weight. While not ultralight, the bag comes in at a manageable weight, depending on the size you choose. The regular size weighs around 3 pounds and 10 ounces, while the long version adds a few extra ounces.

When it comes to packing, the Tempo shines. The innovative design and Stratofiber™ fill compress well into a compact size. The packed size is around 14 inches long by 9 inches in diameter. This allows you to easily fit the bag into your backpack without sacrificing valuable space for other essentials.

Some reviewers acknowledged the weight might be a consideration for long backpacking trips. However, for casual backpackers and car campers who prioritize comfort over shaving every ounce, the Nemo Tempo offers a great balance of features and portability.

Other Features

The Nemo Tempo boasts additional features that enhance convenience and functionality during your camping adventures. A zippered stash pocket located on the outside of the bag provides a handy spot to keep your phone, headlamp, or other small essentials close at hand. This eliminates the need to rummage through your backpack in the dark when you need something.

Another thoughtful feature is the compatibility between men’s and women’s Tempo sleeping bags. Thanks to cleverly designed zippers on opposite sides (left-sided for men, right-sided for women), you can zip two Tempo bags together to create a double sleeping bag. This is perfect for couples who enjoy the comfort of cuddling up while camping.

Finally, Nemo stands behind their products with a lifetime warranty. This demonstrates their commitment to quality and ensures you can invest in the Tempo with peace of mind. Knowing your sleeping bag is covered for years to come adds another layer of satisfaction to your purchase.

What I like about this bag

  • Relaxed Spoon™ shape for side sleeper comfort.
  • Ample space in elbows and knees for easy movement.
  • Integrated pillow pocket for convenient headrest.
  • Blanket Fold™ draft collar for cozy warmth around neck.
  • Snag-free zipper with plow hardware for smooth operation.
  • Synthetic Stratofiber™ fill for warmth and moisture resistance.
  • Performs well in damp conditions.
  • Comfort rating keeps you warm in various temperatures (depending on size).
  • User reports of warmth down to -5°C.
  • Manageable weight for backpackers (around 3 lbs 10 oz).
  • Packs down compactly (14″ x 9″ diameter).
  • Zippered stash pocket for easy access to essentials.
  • Connectable to another Tempo bag (men’s and women’s) for double sleeping.
  • Lifetime warranty for peace of mind.

What I like about this bag

  • Not ultralight, might be bulky for long backpacking trips.
  • Some users found the length a bit short for taller individuals.
  • Performance in warmer weather needs testing according to some reviews.

Final Verdict

The Nemo Tempo Synthetic Sleeping Bag emerges as a strong contender for side sleepers and casual backpackers seeking a comfortable and versatile sleeping solution. The Relaxed Spoon™ design offers exceptional wiggle room, while thoughtful features like the integrated pillow pocket and Blanket Fold™ draft collar enhance coziness.

Synthetic Stratofiber™ fill provides reliable warmth and moisture resistance, making it a good choice for unpredictable weather. The temperature rating system helps you pick the right size for your camping adventures. While not ultralight, the weight and pack size are manageable for backpackers who prioritize comfort over shaving every ounce.

Additional features like the stash pocket and connectable zippers for double sleeping add to the bag’s functionality. The lifetime warranty ensures peace of mind for long-term use. Overall, the Nemo Tempo strikes a great balance between comfort, features, and affordability, making it a compelling choice for a variety of campers, particularly side sleepers and those who value coziness on their camping adventures.

However, if ultralight backpacking is your priority, or if you tend to sleep in very warm conditions, you might want to consider other options.