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The Oboz Sawtooth X Low Waterproof Hiking Shoes are a testament to the evolution and refinement of outdoor footwear. Building upon the success of their predecessors, these men’s hiking shoes seamlessly blend aggressive styling with upgraded materials. They promise enhanced comfort, superior traction, and increased durability. This comprehensive review delves into the distinctive features that set the Oboz Sawtooth X Low apart. It explores how its innovative design caters to the needs of avid hikers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. From the rugged terrains to unpredictable weather conditions, join us as we unravel the performance, functionality, and overall experience that define these waterproof hiking shoes.

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Key Features

  • Anniversary Edition: The Sawtooth X series commemorates the 10th anniversary of the original Sawtooth hiking footwear. They showcase a legacy of innovation and performance.
  • Durable Construction: The hoes are crafted with oiled nubuck leather and CORDURA® fabric mesh uppers. These hiking shoes provide a perfect blend of protection and breathability. They ensure your feet stay dry and comfortable during outdoor adventures.
  • Eco-Friendly Materials: The REPREVE® laces and webbing are made from recycled PET polyester. It reflects a commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness.
  • Micro-injected Polyurethane Window Underlay: Featuring a micro-injected polyurethane window underlay, these shoes offer added support and stability without compromising flexibility.
  • O FIT Insoles™: Enjoy an exceptional fit, feel, and performance with the O FIT Insoles™, enhancing overall comfort during extended treks.
  • Adaptive Cushioning Technology: The midsoles incorporate Adaptive Cushioning Technology along with TPU heel counters. They ensure optimal comfort and support tailored to the contours of your feet.
  • Underfoot Protection: Nylon shanks provide protection underfoot, enhancing stability and confidence on a variety of terrains.
  • Sure-Footed Traction: The True Tread rubber outsoles deliver improved traction. This makes these hiking shoes reliable companions on diverse and challenging surfaces.


The Sawtooth X takes comfort seriously. They offer an out-of-the-box experience that is both easy and enjoyable. With a medium fit, these shoes strike a balance between snugness and freedom. It avoids the pitfalls of being too loose or sloppy. The quality insole deserves praise, contributing to the initial comfort and promising a brief break-in period to make them uniquely yours. While the midsole prioritizes support, resulting in a slightly stiffer gait compared to more plush options, the adaptive foam technology ensures superior performance, outclassing many counterparts.

A minor adjustment period may be needed, as the initially low heel cup, impacting the Achilles area, becomes more accommodating with wear, highlighting the shoe’s ability to adapt and improve over time. Overall, the Sawtooth X offers a comfortable journey for your feet. They combine functionality and adaptability for an enhanced hiking experience.


The Sawtooth X Low excels in the crucial aspect of support, earning high marks in this metric. Engineered with a nylon shank, these hiking shoes boast structural stability that is notably stiff. They ensure robust support throughout various terrains. The adaptive foam midsole plays a dual role, providing cushioning for enhanced comfort while maintaining a firmness that distinguishes it from the softer profile of running shoe-style hiking footwear. Ideal for those who prefer the freedom of a lower ankle cuff but still demand substantial support. The Sawtooth X Low is tailored for individuals seeking to mitigate the impacts of uneven terrain, carry heavier backpack loads, or explore off-trail environments where stability is paramount. With its winning combination of structural integrity and cushioned comfort, these shoes prove to be a reliable choice for adventurers who prioritize support without compromising on versatility.


The durability of the Sawtooth X stands as a testament to its well-crafted design and robust materials. Boasting an upper composed primarily of oiled nubuck leather, augmented by a small amount of Cordura mesh for perspiration escape, these hiking shoes offer a level of durability that surpasses the ordinary. Notably, critical seams along the base of the upper, where the heel cup and toe bumper connect, are reinforced with double stitching, enhancing overall structural integrity. The utilization of leather in the construction underscores the shoe’s resilience. To further extend their lifespan, users are encouraged to apply an aftermarket conditioner or waterproofing agent. It will ensure the continued performance of these durable companions over time. Whether tackling rugged trails or enduring diverse weather conditions, the Sawtooth X emerges as a reliable and long-lasting choice for the avid hiker.


The Sawtooth X Low prioritizes dryness with the implementation of the Oboz B-Dry waterproof/breathable membrane. A proprietary technology, which ensures superior water resistance. Impressively, these shoes surpass expectations by enduring a rigorous 5-minute water bath test and proving resilient during shallow creek crossings in field trials. Notably, the shoes exhibit a practical flood level, measuring just 2.5 inches from the bottom of the sole to the point where water may enter, making them highly effective for hiking on damp days. While not designed for deep water fording with the expectation of completely dry socks on the other side, the Sawtooth X Low excels in keeping your feet comfortably dry during wet conditions. They offer a reliable solution for those seeking waterproof performance in variable terrains.


The Sawtooth X Low secures its foothold with a tried-and-tested Trail Tread rubber compound forming its outsole. Leveraging Oboz’s proven technology, this compound, characterized by its average density, emerges as a reliable performer across a spectrum of terrains. Whether navigating firm or loose surfaces, dry or wet conditions, the Sawtooth X Low exhibits commendable traction that speaks to its versatile design. With a well-balanced rubber composition, these shoes ensure stability and grip, enhancing the confidence of the wearer on diverse outdoor adventures. The Trail Tread outsole underscores Sawtooth X Low’s commitment to delivering consistent and effective traction across a range of challenging landscapes.

See the Oboz Sawtooth X Low See the Women’s X Low


The Sawtooth X shoes, while leaning towards the heavier end of the tested spectrum, bring forth a robust build with certain advantages. The weight is justified by the utilization of durable materials and a notably supportive midsole, surpassing the offerings of many other shoes. However, it’s essential to acknowledge the heftiness of these shoes, making them more suitable for endeavors where the added support is crucial. For those embarking on extended, lightweight trips that may not demand the higher degree of support provided by the Sawtooth X, lighter-weight hiking shoe options could be a preferable choice, ensuring a balance between comfort and functionality on the trail.