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Ridgeway by Kelty provides room for the whole crew, friends, family, and scout packs. You’ll all sleep comfortably in this giant 10-person tent. It has a big 17 by 15 footprint that delivers a huge 200 square feet of living space for a comfortable night under the stars. Inside, you’ll find more than enough space for gear, air mattresses, and sleeping bags. Everyone will have plenty of room to stretch out and relax after a day on the river. Three removable dividers create up to three rooms inside for privacy. Each room can fit up to a queen-sized air mattress for just like home comfort. They each have their own exterior door – so campers can come and go as they please without disturbing the entire tent.

The lofty seven-foot center height keeps even the tallest camper happiest they won’t have to duck or stoop inside. The tent comes with a rainfly to keep you nice and dry but on those beautiful clear nights, you can remove it and view the stars through the airy mesh vent top. This tent is absolutely loaded with all the features to make your camping experience a lot more comfortable. See more information at

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Setup Instruction

The Kelty Ridgeway tent is not very easy to set up because it has three separate rooms, a screened porch, and it allows up to 10 persons to sleep. There are privacy curtains on the two side rooms and the main room provides a large space with access to the screen room. The primary purpose of this tent is family camping but you can also use this tent for car camping with friends. The tent needs several people to set up because there are just too many poles to handle, which can’t be done by one person.

So, to set up this tent, you will need the following items:

  • Tent Body
  • Poles
  • Stakes
  • Rainfly

Here are the step by step instructions to set up Ridgeway by Kelty:

  1. Find a flat and even ground to begin the setup process.
  2. Clean the area from sticks, rocks, and roots.
  3. Open the storage bag and take the tent content out.
  4. Now spread out the tent body on the ground and assemble the poles by connecting the attached sections at the ferrules.
  5. At this stage, you can set the poles on the ground.
  6. Find the long sleeves on the main tent body (there’ll be three) and locate the three long poles to slide one through each sleeve making an X mark. The remaining sleeve is horizontal to the screen room. The poles will flex the tent and taut the main body.
  7. On the exposed sections of the poles, further, secure the tent body by attaching the clips.
  8. Find the remaining one large pole, insert it through the sleeve on the screen house and place it in the grommet.
  9. There are four small poles for the side rooms. Insert each pole through the side room sleeve and pull each end to ensure everything is nice and snug.
  10. Use a big rock to pound the stakes through the ground loops on the tent.

Setting up Rainfly

The rainfly set up is easy and here are the instructions:

  1. Place the rainfly on the main tent body and make adjustments.
  2. The rainfly is going to cover the top part of the screen room and the full tent body.
  3. There will be D-shape rings on the base of the main body to attach the fly.
  4. Attach the fly to these hooks and tighten everything down.
  5. Find the ropes on the rainfly and pull them to the ground at an angle and pound stakes through the loops to anchor the tent to the ground.


The Ridgeway tent by Kelty is a good 10 person tent for family and car camping with friends. It provides plenty of space for each camper with good features. This tent has been discontinued by Kelty but you can still find it on sale on some websites. The setup process requires several people and it’s a difficult process, however, the rainfly setup is rather easy and quick.