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Calling all nature enthusiasts! Looking for a tent that’s easy on your wallet and even easier to set up? Look no further than the Kelty Wireless 2. This 2-person tent is perfect for weekend getaways and casual camping trips. It boasts features like quick-pitch technology and spacious living areas, making it a breeze to get settled in and enjoy the outdoors. But is it all sunshine and rainbows? We’ll dive into the details to see if the Wireless 2 lives up to the hype, so you can decide if it’s the perfect fit for your next adventure.


Kelty Wireless 2-Person Tent
Capacity: 2 person
Seasons: 3-season (spring, summer, fall)
Floor Area: 29 sq ft (2.7 m²)
Packed Weight: Over 7 lbs (over 3.1 kg)

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This review dives into the key features of the Kelty Wireless 2-person tent, highlighting its strengths in easy setup, livable space, and weather protection.

Easy Setup

The Kelty Wireless 2 prioritizes convenience from the get-go. Its star feature is Kelty’s Quick-Corner Technology, designed for a lightning-fast setup. This innovative system streamlines the pitching process, saving you valuable time to explore the outdoors and enjoy your camping trip.

Livable Space

Once the tent is set up, you’ll appreciate its focus on creating a comfortable living area. With a spacious 29 square feet of floor space, the Wireless 2 offers ample room for two campers to relax and store their gear. The impressive 43-inch peak height adds to the feeling of spaciousness, providing enough headroom to move around freely without feeling cramped.

Weather Protection

The Kelty Wireless 2 is built to withstand the elements. The tent utilizes durable materials like a 68D polyester fly for the roof and strong fiberglass poles for the frame, creating a sturdy and reliable shelter. A unique design element further enhances weather protection: the body of the tent is constructed with three-quarter fabric panels and one-quarter mesh panels. This combination provides excellent wind and dust protection and even offers some protection from light rain.


While the Kelty Wireless 2 boasts several attractive features, it’s important to consider some potential drawbacks before making your final decision.

Weight and Packed Size

While the Wireless 2 excels in car camping scenarios, backpackers seeking an ultralight option might be disappointed. The tent weighs in at over 7 pounds, which can feel heavy on long hikes. Additionally, its packed size is relatively large, comparable to two watermelons. This can be a challenge if backpack space is limited.


The three-quarter fabric, one-quarter mesh design in the tent body offers advantages in terms of weather protection. However, this design can also limit ventilation. With less mesh for airflow, the Wireless 2 might be prone to condensation buildup, especially in humid environments. This could lead to a damp feeling inside the tent during your camping trip.


Tight on budget but still want a quality tent? The Kelty Wireless 2 might be your perfect match. At this price, it’s a steal compared to other tents. Sure, it’s heavier than some backpacking tents, but car campers won’t mind. Easy setup and spacious living areas make it a breeze to use. Think of it as a budget-friendly option for casual campers who prioritize affordability and convenience over ultralight performance.

What I like about this tent

  • Easy Setup: Kelty’s Quick-Corner Technology makes pitching the tent a breeze.
  • Livable Space: Offers a comfortable 29 square feet of floor space and good headroom for two campers.
  • Weather Protection: Durable materials and a unique three-quarter fabric, one-quarter mesh body design shield you from wind, dust, and light rain.
  • Value: Come at an affordable price.

What I don’t like about this tent

  • Weight and Packed Size: Heavier than ultralight backpacking tents (over 7 lbs) and packs down to a large size.
  • Breathability: Limited mesh ventilation can lead to condensation buildup.


The Kelty Wireless 2 shines for casual campers seeking a wallet-friendly and easy-to-use option. It boasts a fast setup, comfortable living space, and reliable weather protection. However, backpackers will find it bulky, and condensation can be an issue. If affordability and convenience are your priorities, the Wireless 2 is a strong contender. But for ultralight backpacking or trips to very humid areas, you might want to consider a different tent.