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Choosing a sleeping bag can be tough, especially with great options like Nemo’s Riff and Disco. Both excel in comfort and warmth but cater to slightly different needs. The Riff prioritizes ultralight backpacking with a minimalist design. The Disco offers a roomier, classic spoon shape for car camping or side sleepers who value space. This comparison will break down the key features of each bag to help you decide which Nemo is right for your next adventure.


Fill Power: 800 hydrophobic, PFAS-free, RDS-certified down
Minimum Weight: 2 lb 0 oz / 910 g
Packed Weight: 2 lb 3 oz / 980 g
ISO Comfort Rating: 39°F / 4°C
Fits Up To: 6’6″ / 198 cm

The Nemo Riff is a high-performance 3-season sleeping bag designed for side sleepers who prioritize comfort and packability. Its “Ultralight Spoon” shape offers extra wiggle room at the elbows and knees while maintaining warmth with strategically placed down insulation. This design makes it significantly more comfortable than traditional mummy bags but still packs down impressively small.

The Riff features innovative Thermo Gill vents for precise temperature control. These adjustable vents allow you to fine-tune the bag’s temperature without letting in cold air. The Blanket Fold draft collar adds another layer of comfort, blocking chills or venting excess heat depending on your needs. The Riff is also constructed with eco-conscious materials and is 100% recyclable at the end of its life. However, some testers found the warmth rating to be a bit optimistic, making it ideal for warmer 3-season use but potentially not for the coldest nights.

What I like: Packs down small despite the roomy design.

What I don’t: Testers found it better for warmer 3-season use, but not ideal for coldest conditions.

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NEMO Disco

NEMO Disco
Fill Power: 650 hydrophobic, PFAS-free, RDS-certified down
Minimum Weight: 2 lb 15 oz / 1.33 kg
Packed Weight: 3 lb 1 oz / 1.4 kg
ISO Comfort Rating: 27°F / -3°C
Fits Up To: 6’6″ / 198 cm

The Nemo Disco is a favorite among backpackers for its exceptional comfort for side sleepers. Its classic spoon shape offers ample wiggle room at the elbows and knees, allowing for natural movement during sleep without sacrificing packability. Similar to the Riff, it features the Thermo Gill vents for precise temperature regulation and the Blanket Fold draft collar for coziness. The Disco is also constructed with eco-conscious materials and is 100% recyclable at its end of life.

However, there are some drawbacks to consider. The zippers on the Thermo Gills are small and fiddly, making them difficult to use with gloves. Also, the Disco’s sizing might not be ideal for larger people. The roomy spoon shape may not conform closely enough to prevent cold spots for some users, especially those accustomed to mummy bags.

What I like: Precise temperature control with multi-stage zippers for venting without drafts.

What I don’t: Sizing might be restrictive for broader builds.

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Which one is right for you?

Here’s a breakdown of which Nemo sleeping bag might be better for which situation:

Nemo Riff:

  • Ideal for:
    • Weight-conscious backpackers: Focuses on comfort while still being relatively lightweight for backpacking.
    • Warm 3-season camping: Performs well in most 3-season conditions, but may not be ideal for the coldest nights.
    • Side sleepers: Extra wiggle room at elbows and knees for side sleeping comfort.
  • Not ideal for:
    • Very cold weather camping: Lower warmth rating might not be enough for extremely cold temperatures.
    • Ultralight backpackers: Shaves weight compared to traditional bags, but might not be the lightest option.

Nemo Disco:

  • Ideal for:
    • Backpackers who prioritize comfort: Classic spoon shape offers exceptional comfort for side sleepers.
    • 3-season camping: Handles a wide range of 3-season temperatures (warmer than Riff).
    • Eco-conscious campers: Made with recycled materials and fully recyclable.
  • Not ideal for:
    • Larger people: Sizing might be restrictive for broader builds.
    • Fidgety with gloves: Small zippers on Thermo Gills can be difficult to use with gloves.
    • Those who experience cold spots easily: Roomier design might not conform as closely for some, potentially creating cold spots.

In summary:

  • Choose the Riff if you prioritize lightweight for backpacking and are comfortable with a warmer 3-season temperature range.
  • Choose the Disco if you prioritize ultimate comfort for side sleepers, value a wider 3-season temperature range, and are eco-conscious, but make sure your size fits the Disco’s dimensions and you don’t mind potentially fiddly zippers with gloves.