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For those who like to go camping and hiking it’s important to have the right gear along with you. Sometimes that means tents and cooking gear, but what if you’re not planning to set up a tent? What if you’re planning to make the most out of the space you have in your SUV? Well then, you’re going to need to know some air mattresses. These types of mattresses need to fit easily into your vehicle both for travel and for actual sleeping. They also need to be reasonably comfortable (especially if you’re going to be sleeping there for an extended period). So, how are you going to find the ideal mattress for sleeping in your SUV? You’ll want to take a look at these options.

So these are the top mattresses to sleep comfortably in your SUV.

1. Berocia Air Mattress

  • Super comfortable
  • Foldable
  • Suitable for almost all cars and SUVs
  • Car and Home Charger included
  • Fast inflation and deflation

The Berocia Air Mattress is designed with a flocked surface, which makes it non-slip for those who want to add a sleeping bag on top. It’s also made with eco-friendly material instead of the plastics that you’ll find in most air mattresses. There’s a specially designed air tap that helps you to inflate and deflate it with ease, which makes it much more convenient to drive all day and then set up camp. It even has a copper core air pump, which means it doesn’t get hot when you spend as long as you need inflating this mattress.

There are three different bags that fill with air, which means you can fold up one section and even get a second one of these to use in the back seat rather than in the back. That way, you and your partner have space and your little ones have a bed of their own. Wherever you need to use the mattress you can make sure the pump is charged because it comes with a car charger and a home charger.

Pros: Affordable, comes with a little powerful pump, easy to inflate, the material feels thick and sturdy

Cons: Separate compartments can be difficult to inflate.

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2. LUOOV Multifunctional

LUOOV Multifunctional
  • Fits 95% SUV and MPV models
  • Comes with a pump, repair kit, and 2 air pillows
  • Independently inflatable to fit in different vehicles
  • Car Charger included

Designed to fit most SUVs, this air mattress actually comes in two different colors so you can get something you like. It’s also longer than most other mattresses, which means it better utilizes the space you have available. You’re going to have a total of four different airbags, which makes it easier for you to adjust this mattress to fit right into space. You can choose to inflate or not inflate different sections to mold it around your seats and more. You’ll have a car charger and a copper core pump that makes it a snap to keep it charged and full.

In the box, you’re going to get an air mattress as well as the pump and even two separate air pillows. That means you don’t need to take much of anything with you. Just take a set of sheets or even a sleeping bag and you’re going to have no problem getting comfortable. Intended to be as soft as possible and protect against air leakage, you’re going to have the best fit for you and your family each night.

Pros: Provides even pressure distribution throughout the night.

Cons: Headrests can slide backward without adequate support.

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3. Leke Lake Inflatable

Leke Lake Inflatable
  • One-way air valve
  • Firm, supportive comfort
  • Rip-resistant high polymer PE PVC
  • Portable, compact, travel-friendly

Available in two different colors, the Leke Lake Mattress is made with high-end PVC to make sure it’s durable and long-lasting. It’s also made without the toxins or odors that often come with PVC products. Add in the fact that you get quick and easy inflation and deflation and you’re definitely good to go. There are a total of six different compartments here, which makes it a snap to inflate only the sections that you want. You can then fold over the sections that don’t fit in your vehicle, which makes this highly customizable for any vehicle.

This mattress can support over 600 pounds, which is great for larger users or those who are using this mattress with a partner. When you pack it in for the night and you’re ready to relax you can do it easily here. You’ll get inflatable pillows to help you sleep and you’ll even have the repair patches you may need while you’re on a long road trip. You’re also getting a soft mattress that you can fill to just the right comfort level for you.

Pros: Fits into just about any vehicle you want.

Cons: Can be difficult to set up with so many sections.

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4. goldhik SUV Car Travel

goldhik SUV Car Travel
  • Soft brush fabric
  • 660 pounds load capacity
  • Moisture-resistant, wear-proof, and easy to clean
  • Independently inflatable

The brushed fabric of this mattress means that you can flip it to either side. It also means that the mattress is breathable, which is great for those warm-weather camping trips. Inexpensive and easy to fit into the back of your SUV, this mattress can hold up to 660 pounds so it’s the right size for you and your partner. There are several different sections here, which make it easier for you to fill just as much as you want. This allows you to fit it around the wheel wells and seats of your vehicle.

When you’re not ready to rest you can fold it up small so that you can carry it along with you. Waterproof, impact-resistant and lightweight, this is an ideal mattress for those who are going camping anywhere. It’s a great fit for those who are going hiking or fishing, spending time at the beach or just having some guests over while they’re still at home. You’ll even get pillows included in this set so you don’t have to bring your own.

Pros: Fits easily into smaller and larger SUVs.

Cons: Sides tilt sideways when fully inflated.

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5. Hepburn’s Heavy-Duty

Hepburn's Heavy-Duty
  • Eco-friendly material
  • Easy to carry and deflate
  • Perfect for couples
  • Durable enough for two persons

Made with quality PVC for an eco-friendly product, this mattress is also non-toxic, so it’s more comfortable and safer for your family. It’s made durable enough and large enough for two people to be comfortable all night long. You’ll be able to get it inflated or deflated in just two minutes as well, which means you can drive as long as you want and be ready for bed in just a few moments. Keep going as long as you want and get comfortable when you want.

With this mattress, you’re going to get an air pump and a patch kit, which helps you get it ready even if you find a hole while you’re out on the road. Designed to fit into nearly any SUV you may have, it has several different chambers so you can inflate or deflate the ones that you need. That means you get the ideal fit into your vehicle, arranged around the wheel wells in your specific vehicle.

Pros: Ideal for camping in vehicles or tents.

Cons: Better with a sleeping bag to add more padding

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6. Onirii Inflatable

Onirii Inflatable
  • Made of thickened high-quality PVC
  • Can be used in SUV, MPV, and ordinary family car
  • Easy to inflate
  • Equipped fast-charging electric pump

Do you want an air mattress that really fits into your space and gives you padding all around? This is the way to do that. It fits right into the backseat of your vehicle and offers a comfortable fit for anyone to lay sideways across the back seat of the vehicle. Lightweight and easy to carry as needed, it inflates (along with the included pillows and foot piers) in just a few minutes. You’re also going to have an air pump, a travel neck pillow, sleep mask and even earplugs. That means you can get a great nights’ sleep no matter where you park your car.

Made with PVC for durability and flocking to provide slip resistance, this mattress even has an anti-collision design, so no one will roll-off or over the side. You’ll have a double-layer air nozzle to make sure that air can’t flow out once you fill it (unless you want it too, of course). The car charger makes sure that you get it inflated whenever you want and then charge up the pump in no time.

Pros: Fits easily into the backseat of the vehicle rather than the back end.

Cons: Requires a little support for the headrest.

See the Onirii Inflatable

7. WEY&FLY Travel Mattress

WEY&FLY Travel Mattress
  • 4 separate segments for inflation
  • Thickened and double-sided flocking
  • Easy to carry
  • Quick air inlet

With this air mattress, you actually have a total of four different airbags, which lets you customize the fit into your vehicle. Fold-down the back seats and slide this air mattress in and you’ll have plenty of space. The mattress is made with PVC and also double-sided flocking so that you have less slip even with a sleeping bag on top. Cold-resistant all the way to 25 degrees, this mattress will help you enjoy your next camping trip during the spring, summer or fall.

Able to hold up to 573 pounds, this mattress is great for you and your partner. It holds its shape and stays inflated throughout the night, so everyone stays comfortable. The openings for inflation are all leak-proof, making sure air doesn’t get out unless you want to deflate the unit. It’s also newly divided into different sections so you can be comfortable sleeping in any of those areas but also not have to inflate them if you don’t want to.

Pros: Extremely quick inflation process for an easy bedtime routine.

Cons: 4 separate segments means have to be inflated four times at different places.

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8. LARPlink Car Air Mattress

LARPlink Car Air Mattress
  • Compatible with SUVs, minivans, and vans
  • Easy to travel
  • Comes with two pillows
  • A two-way easy to use air-pump

If you want a large air mattress that will fill up all of the available space in your vehicle this is the one you want. It fits SUV’s or minivans and also works great for those who want to camp in a tent. You’ll also have pillows included so you can fold them up just as easily and pack them away. With this mattress, you don’t even need to worry about only inflating certain sections to fit into the vehicle because it has cutouts specifically for your wheel wells. Whether you’re camping for an extended period or a short one, this mattress holds shape and quality.

The inflation and deflation process is quick and easy for anyone and the whole unit is designed and tested in the USA. It’s made with high-quality materials to ensure a good fit and a long-lasting product that you can take with you on each of your camping trips.

Pros: Stays inflated throughout the night for a better comfort level.

Cons: Nozzle can be a little difficult to figure out.

See the LARPlink Car Air Mattress

9. LeiMin Travel Air Bed

LeiMin Travel Air Bed
  • Made of breathable and eco-friendly PVC
  • Smooth and crush-resistant
  • Compatible with the 95% of the SUVs
  • Can be inflated in two minutes

Want a bed that actually looks more like a giant couch? That’s what this one is except more comfortable to sleep on. It has sides that fold up to fit around the wheel wells in your vehicle and a back that provides a comfortable headrest or a little support while you’re watching the stars or talking the night away. There are three different sections so you can fold and inflate or deflate however you prefer. The end result is a great chair that you can even pull out of your SUV to make a relaxing seat at the beach.

The double-sided flocking prevents slipping and the eco-friendly material doubles as cold-resistant. That means you and whoever you’re staying out with is going to be a whole lot more comfortable when it’s time to pack it in for the night. The simple inflation process means you don’t have to wait forever to be able to use it either. And you’re going to have a lot of freedom on just how you want to use it as well.

Pros: Offers a bit of firmness for those who want more support.

Cons: Can be somewhat thin for some users.

See the LeiMin Travel Air Bed

10. Glossrise Inflatable

Glossrise Inflatable
  • Automatic inflation
  • Comfortable and environmentally-friendly material
  • Suitable for long-distance travel
  • Easy to store

This mattress looks pretty unique and comes in several different colors. It’s also great for any purpose you might have. If you’re looking for something you can pull out at the beach you’re in luck because it works great for that. It also works great in the back of your vehicle or as a guest bed when you have friends over at home. It fits into the backseat and trunk space of your SUV easily so there’s plenty of room for you and your partner to spread out. If you have small children who need to sleep on this mattress you’ll get the same benefits.

Made with a quality PONGEE fabric, this mattress is eco-friendly and smooth across the top. This makes it a little softer for most users and ensures that it’s not going to wear so much over time, as other products may. Just decide how you want to inflate it and how much you want to inflate it and you’ll be able to start your bedtime routine in no time at all.

Pros: Unique fit and color pattern for any user.

Cons: Not ideal for vehicles with a center console that can get in the way.

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How to Choose a Perfect Mattress for Sleeping in SUV?

How to Choose a Perfect Mattress for Sleeping in SUV?

Traveling by car and then enjoying sleeping right there every night can be a great way to spend time alone, with your partner or with friends. But of course, you need a quality mattress to sleep on, right? No one wants to sleep on a lackluster air mattress for even one night. That means taking a look at each of these features to help you out.

Types of SUV Mattress

There are a number of different types of mattresses that you can choose from when it comes to sleeping in your SUV. The primary ones, however, are these:

  • Inflatable Mattress: These are the kind that you inflate with a pump. They’re the standard air mattress and they give the least amount of support.
  • Small Mattress: Getting a regular mattress but in a smaller size is another option. This gives you all the support you would get from a standard mattress (sans box springs).
  • Upholstery Foam: These are exactly what they sound like, blocks of foam that’s used in upholstering chairs. It’s not going to give you a lot of support, but can be comfortable and inexpensive.
  • Folding Memory Foam Mattress: These are smaller mattresses but they’re actually made of memory foam. Generally, they fold up at least in half so they’re easier to pack but still easy to fold out and use.
  • Air Pads: These are similar to an air mattress but generally a little thinner. They’re meant to be used under a sleeping bag and they don’t take up a lot of space when they’re not inflated.
  • Open-Cell Foam Pads: These pads are easy to fold or roll down to take up less space. They are also relatively durable and long-lasting but need to be inflated.
  • Closed-Cell Foam Pads: This is a heavy-duty mat that gets you just a little bit up and off the floor. They’re inexpensive but really more of a mattress pad than a true mattress. They don’t need any kind of inflation though, which is convenient.

What’s so special about an SUV Mattress?

Well, if you’re getting a mattress that’s actually made for sleeping in your SUV you’re getting something that fits easier. That means no concern about finagling it over the wheel wells or not having enough space. You’re also going to get something that offers more padding and comfort compared to some of the other camping mattress options. You don’t necessarily want a mattress pad (though we did mention some about those above). You want something that will keep you comfortable for an extended period.

Should you spend a lot on a Mattress?

Well, this is going to depend on how much money you have available. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a great quality mattress. That’s important if you’re deciding to partake in car camping so that you can save on some money. After all, if you can sleep in your car you don’t have to spend your money on a hotel or even a campground, right? Spending a little less on your mattress helps as well. On the other hand, if you’re willing and able to spend more you can get a great quality that way too.

How do you decide on the Right Size?

This is going to depend on the size of your vehicle and whether you’re sleeping alone or with a partner. If you need space for your kids to sleep there too that’s another thing to consider. The more space you have available the bigger the mattress you might want. Just remember, if you’re planning to sleep in your vehicle you have to measure inside the wheel wells (unless you have a pad that fits around them). You may also want to look at whether this is going in the back end of the vehicle only, the backseat, or across the entire back section of the vehicle.

How much Insulation do I need?

Insulation is referred to as the R-Value and the higher your R-value the better insulated your mattress is going to be. A 3 is generally enough for fall camping. For those who prefer camping in the winter, you may want to get at least 5 or 6 ratings. Lower than a 3 will be great for spring and summer camping. This is going to depend on the material of the product you choose as well. Those made with foam or PVC may get colder than some other options. You want to make sure you know the material of your mattress early on as well as the R-value.

Overall, there are a number of factors that go into choosing a mattress for an SUV. If you keep these tips and tricks in mind and also keep an eye on the different mattresses we recommended you should be able to find something that works for you. Any of these mattresses are going to give you those benefits and keep you comfortable all night long. That way you can keep camping as much as you want.